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Post by Graphite on Tue Jul 07, 2015 10:39 am

Name: Graphite
Nicknames: They call me G sometimes. Haha, don't call me G. I'll rip your throat out.
Age: 8 years old.
Gender: Fae
Rank: Drappa
Personality: Surprisingly, Graphite is a very well rounded fae. She is very strong willed, but also very gentle. If you take the time to get to know the Drappa, you'll find she's a very pleasing wolf to be around. Always cheery and great at finding the silver lining. But don't take all that pep the wrong way. When her pack is threatened, a new side to her unleashes that is not a force to be tampered with. She is fierce and a great warrior. Don't get her wrong though. She does have her flaws. Like everyone. Graphite is very attached to her past. It can often drive her emotions and actions.
History: Graphite was born an raised into a leading position. She was the biggest pup in her litter and since her parents were the Dragga and Drappa, she was chosen to take their place. When she was old enough, she did take her place as Drappa of her pack. A year into leading her pack, she acquired her first mate, Xion, and adopted a lost pup, Bubba. They lead the pack for about a year before Xion came down with an unknown terminal illness and died. The death took a great toll on the fae and she suffered great depression. None the less, she still lead her pack with great determination. 
Half a year into leading the pack in her lonesome, she found a new mate, Zoro. They had two pups, Killua and Emery. By the time Graphite was 5, Zoro had left the pack for unknown reasons. Taking yet another great toll on the Drappa. This time, she wasn't able to bounce back. She left, telling her pack she had died. When she decided being on her own wasn't her style, she started this pack when she was 6, not feeling she was able to return to her old pack.
Full description:

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