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Jackal [WIP]

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Jackal [WIP]

Post by Gale on Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:33 pm


Only Jackal will do. Anything else will cause him great aggravation.
Three years and seven months


Fur Color
The base colour of Jackal's coat is a dark, chocolate brown. There are a few lighter browns on his body, mainly his shoulders, legs, and the top half of his tail, but the majority of him is that rich dark colour. A large patch of white exists on his chest.
He adorns a long furred coat due to his birth place. He is not originally from this area; his fur is a bit longer and thicker than most. This will change however with adaptations in order to survive.    
Eye Color
His eyes are a beautiful, darker shade of amber.
No scar dares to make itself visible on his body. He maintains a perfection that many wolves fail to meet due to the lack of any physical scars.
Jackal is a bulky beast. He's hefty and muscular, which interferes with his agility and stamina but not his speed.


Father: Gaius (deceased; murdered by Jackal)  
Mother: Unknown (deceased; murdered by Gaius)
Sister: Nora (living)
Mate or Pups
Jackal does not posses a mate, nor pups.
He has yet to make any friends.
No one has earned his trust; they are all his enemies.
As he has yet to meet the females of the pack, he does not have anyone he fancies.


His lack of trust towards others.
With his large body size, he is often underestimated. He is very fast; he can keep up with wolves much smaller than himself. Due to being used to being the center of attention, Jackal is able to deliver speeches that most everyone will listen to.    
Jackal is a master manipulator; he could charm anyone into thinking the sky was rose pink. He has a way with words that causes others to listen.    
A lot of the time he has the tendency to take control, even if he does not hold a rank that allows it.
His Theme Song has yet to be decided.
Jackal is currently undecided.


Jackal is the opposite of everything warm and fuzzy. He's a cold-blooded killer with no caring bone in his body. For all he cares, the world around him can burn to ash as long as he survives to rule it. He likes his games bloody and his foes bloodier. When it comes to simple competitions or war, Jackal is absolutely ruthless and will do anything to come out on the winning side. In fact, he would turn over his own family and his pack in order to do just that.

His very presence commands attention. He holds himself confidently and seems to just fill up an entire area. Jackal may not be the leader of his pack, but he sure acts like he is. His very speeches breed believers and he can convince almost anyone to doing anything that he desires. Making snide comments seems to be a preference of his and he'll do it to anyone. He always seems to have a rude remark for everything that's said and/or done.

Arrogance is unlimited in Jackal's personality, much like his confidence. To him, he has more meaning than any one else in the entire world. He expects to be treated as such. Of course, he always proves his worth day after day whether it be by flaunting his intelligence or even giving some motivational speech. When he walks or stands, he holds himself proudly and radiates his entire being.

The pain of others always earns a smile from Jackal. He is even more pleased when the source of pain is none other than himself. That sadistic side was born from the murder of his father. He enjoyed it so much that it simply stuck and he encouraged it to grow to unimaginable heights. 

Cunning and intelligence is something that he holds. The cunning allows him to give his plots and schemes wings to take flight while his intelligence earns him the ability to still be taken in by both the suspecting and unsuspecting "prey". He's very experienced in many things that a young male normally wouldn't be. That adds to his arrogance.

There is a small flicker of humanity still left in Jackal. Of course, this may be fake or missed by others. If he stands up for someone, there is always the chance that it's simply because there is something for him to earn for doing so. Sometimes though, there is no ulterior motive though he'll try and pass it off as if there were.


Jackal's life has always been full of blood and violence; it makes sense that he ended up as he did. His father killed his mother not too long after Jackal and his sister were weaned. They didn't even know her name nor do they remember what she looked like. Jackal does remember Gaius though, and with powerful distaste. It was Jackal himself who killed Gaius after the latter threatened the former's little sister. Out of everyone, Nora was the only one who was able to get through to Jackal's "humanity".

The two left when Jackal was under two years old. There was so much bloodshed going on in their former home that he grew fearful for his younger sister. He wanted to remain with her for as long as possible, but he also knew that he could not. Jackal was made to rule the same way their father was; there was no way that he could put Nora in harms way. Therefore, he scanned for a suitable mate for his sister so she would be safe. It took a few months before he found someone worthy of her. Once he was certain that she was safe, Jackal fled into the night without saying goodbye.

For quite some time, Jackal spent his time gathering followers. These wolves were inspired by his speeches and promises; they followed him willingly. Together, they spilled a great deal of blood and amassed a huge territory. It was an impressive feat, especially by someone so young. Nearly everyone knew who Jackal was and how much of a tyrant he was claimed to be. It was told that he would slaughter members of his own group if only to put on a good show for himself and the others.

Due to reasons that he refuses to be specify [even in his own biography], Jackal departed from being a King and left the group he had gained. He doesn't know it but the group ended up falling apart because no one was even close to Jackal's caliber to hold it together. He wandered with no specific goal in mind for a while. He joined a few packs and ended them from the inside. His sadistic nature allowed him to turn on them without so much as a lick of guilt. He became legendary as the destroyer of packs by betrayal. Yet, not many would turn him away because of his cunning and intelligence.

Eventually Jackal found the Shadow Forest pack. As for his plans here, there's no telling what he has in store.


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