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The Shopps

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The Shopps

Post by Graphite on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:43 am

So, you guys may notice that we have a shop! we are still working on it, and all that jazz. But we do have one none the less. I thought I would let you know how you can get points though!

You get points by:
Posting on the RP boards gets you 5 points.
Posting your application gets you 10 points.
Welcoming a pack member in the joining thread (posting on their application thread) gets you 1 point.
Winning contests (Should we have any) gets you however many we set for that contest.
Adding friends gets you 1 point.
And every day you're on gets you 1 point.

You can use these points in the shop once we have them all ready to go and set up!

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