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Yes, Time Does Move.

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Yes, Time Does Move.

Post by Graphite on Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:45 am

So, it's pretty common that wolves will end up staying the same age for quite some time. And then when pups are born, they age up super quick and then just stop. This is something we try to avoid. So here's the gist. 

Every two weeks our time, is a month in rp. So every month is two months, ever two months is four moths. etc., etc.

Here I will updated ever two weeks how old each wolf is so that way you don't get confused. When you join and fill out your application, I will get your age and add it here. Then every two weeks I will add a month to your age. If you don't see your wolfs name on here, it's wither because you haven filled out an application or I forgot. Please PM me about it if I forgot. (in order of oldest to youngest.)

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