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Raven and Kestrel

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Raven and Kestrel

Post by Raven & Kestrel on Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:08 pm

Name: Raven
Nicknames(if any): None...
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Scout
Personality: Quiet, witty, intelligent, protective of her sister, loyal, and a hard worker. a bit on the defensive side from have living alone for so long. Realistic.
Family: Only known family is Kestrel, her (barely) younger sister.
Full description (picture plus writing, please): Tar black fur with light yellow eyes, longer fur than a normal grey wolf (Border Collie-ish length)

Name: Kestrel
Nicknames(if any): Kes, K, Little Bird (Raven's nickname for her)
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Desired Rank: Spy's Apprentice
Personality: Bubbly, happy, kinda bouncy, tries to be the positive pup in debates. Can move almost silently on certain grounds. Quick on her paws...
Family: Only known family is Raven, her (barely) older sister.
Full description (picture plus writing, please): Grey wolf through and through, dark brown almost black fur on her back and shoulders and accenting her face and tips of her ears, and on the tip of her tail. Light brown underbelly and darker brown on her back legs (hips?)

History (for both sisters): Coming form a relentless pack, and being forced to hide the pregnancy, Raven and Kestrel's mother gave birth to three pups. Months later, the mother was hunted down, found, and was sentenced to death after giving birth to Kestrel, Raven, and her brother for an unknown reason. They grew up for the first year of their lives learning to hunt and live on their own as lone wolves until they found each other. Now they're practically inseparable. While wandering through the woods, they were found by the Pack's leader, Graphite. With only little to no hesitation, they both joined the Shadow Forest Pack.
Raven & Kestrel
Chief Scout

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