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Post by Tempest on Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:04 am

Name: Tempest
Nicknames(if any): Tempie (To close friends)
Age: Four Years
Gender: Fae
Desired Rank: Warrior
Personality: Tempest is what most people consider to be strong-willed and hot headed. Her persistently is definitely one of the first things you'll notice about her and she isn't afraid to show who she really is at first glance. Though her personality could cause her to seem harsh and temperamental if you get to know her you would be able to see the softer side. Believed or not she loves to play and have fun, even in the moments that it seems she has the world on her shoulders. One of her favorite things to do is play in the water and wrestle, and also to hang out and sleep also. It was a very split world in her head. She hates ants and extreme heat, and when those are around are the times the worst comes out in her. But over all she is fun, you just have to find it in her. Because of her paw she is determined more than anything, and continuously tries to prove herself to other wolves.
History: Tempest was born into a large pack with many, many wolves which her family had definitely helped in population with her being in a pack of 6. Each wolf looked very different from the other, but all had some mix of tawny-esque color on their fur. With the exception of Tempest, all the wolves were well bodied, though Tempest was born as a runt with a flaw in her right paw. Though this was a small deformity the pack would not be responsible for a wolf they viewed as lesser but because of the beginning of his mother and father and their high ranks in the pack as the Beta's, she was allowed to stay long enough for her to gain skills to live on her own. At the age of one they viewed this as old enough, and sent her off on her own where she traveled for a half a year before ending up at the Shadow Forest Pack, where she was determined to show she was worthy of a position. At this pack is where she had stayed since.
Family: Vox (Father), Terran (Mother), 5 siblings (Will not be mentioned enough to bother)
Full description:Tempest is a smaller wolf than usual for females. She isn’t thin in a lengthy type way, but more of just a small way, as you would see in a younger wolf than she. Her body is proportionate to a normal sized wolf, she is just a tad bit smaller which makes it easier for her to slip around obstacles and makes her lighter on her feet. She has forest green eyes, with flecks of gold and grey near the iris and at the edge of her eye. The main color of her pelt could be called tawny, though it it is really a mix-match scenario of many different colors. Different parts of her body have splotches of dark and light brown, black, a red color and also a more gold color than her under pelt. Her paws are darker than her main color, and one of her ears is also a very dark brown while the other is lighter. The tip of her tail is white and black, and under her neck is also a whitish tan color. Tempest has what is called a 'splayed paw' on her front right paw, which basically means her toes and pad and farther apart by only a little, causing it to look like she is putting all her weight on it even when she is barely on it. The bottom of her pad has a strange pattern due to this, which is easily seen in mud, for which this reason she tends to stay away from it.

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